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Welcome to a sojourn on the wild side!


Wild, because at EarthyNest we believe that when we stop and deeply listen,

Earthy wisdoms can find us, settle in our Being and guide our way.


Wild, because choosing violence-free, real-life living is wildly radical. 


Wild, because putting our devices down for just a while, and tucking away the everyday violence 

on our screens, in our books, our games, and in our language is wildly liberating, and outrageously fun. 

Come play with us, if you’re wild enough!



EarthyNest umbrellas two villages nestled in the ancient mountains and enchanted valleys of remote northwest Tasmania and hinterland southeast West Java. These villages are the homes of Wild Plum and Saung Segong.


As the world races ahead on its hard paced 'business as usual' frenzy, and our children sink deeper into the constructed screen worlds technology endlessly and zealously builds, these two secrets, grounded in simplicity and real 'lifeness', offer back to nature respite: embodiment of the real and connectedness to Earth and Each other.  ​

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