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EarthyNest: Barefoot & Wild

EarthyNest emerged as a response to the world of technology that contemporary kids have plunged into without much way out. It started with the idea that perhaps we can create 'zones' that are cyber safe or free, not unlike smoking free areas, or gluten-free restaurants, or Land for Wildlife properties. These zones could be places or events, where, just for a moment, kids (and big people) could Unplug and Earth Connect. Or they could be places where likeminded families could meet: in fact, they could double as both - meeting zones for the likeminded and respite zones for those who just need some occasional technological time out.

At EarthyNest, we believe that though screens are useful tools, they are not essential to the growing of children/youth or to their contemporary dialogue. To the contrary, we relish the thought that ‘mama’s milk is always best’ and that our Earthy, offline pasts fed us the perfect soupy mix of nature, community, natural learning, the arts, and the plethora of rich, diverse life already there to nourish our souls and build resilient, mindful people.


It began to dawn on us that we had indeed been blessed with everything we needed to grow such an idea: our two properties tucked away in remote valleys (Wild Plum and Saung Segong) were ideal places to establish cyber safe respite zones where Earthy connectedness is always on tap.  Here, we could offer Earthy cyber safe experiences to the world! and especially to youth and families.

We hope we can share the extraordinary privilege of our Earthy offline simplicity with you.

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