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We have a dream that there will be a Great Unearthing of EarthyNests... that this site will become a map of EarthyNests and an EarhtyNest community will begin to grow.


We would love to hear from you if you would like to list yourself as an EarthyNest place or advertise an EarthyNest event.


The only criteria for listing with the EarthyNest community is that you can offer real life, preferably screen free, but at least screen safe (zero violence including gaming and pornography) experiences for family and folk.



EarthyNest Map


Places                                Events    

Fern Hill                              Fern Hill Yoga

Saung Segong                       Cultural Workshops

Speargrass                            Speargrass Festival

Wild Plum                               Earth Camps

                                                   Somatic Workshops


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