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 Saung Segong

On the lush rim of the Cibodas valley, the tiny village of Segong is home for Saung Segong, a patch of tropical paradise modeling ‘close to Earth’ living within the greater context of subsistence farming life.


It is said the valley is the home of displaced spirits, a sanctuary for the homeless. This may explain the dance of strange lights in the rice fields at night when occasionally, very occasionally the ethereal homeless speak their presence.


This revegetating patch of far east West Java is a medicinal treasure trove of indigenous roots, grasses, spices, vines, fungi, fruits, and berries. Everything that pushes itself up through these fertile equatorial soils heals or in some way helps a life that is subsistent. ​

Wild ginger.

Wild ginger.

Edible fungi.

Like rice swaying in the gentle Sunda breeze, Sunda villagers gently move through the course of their days, often barefoot and always knowing. Centuries-old ancestral knowledge of the physical and ethereal landscape frames the day to day and informs Landcare, nourishment, healing, ritual, and ceremonial life. Surrounds include a stunning national park, tropical beaches, and mountainous jungles. Our role here is staying close to Earth and keeping Sunda tradition alive.


Our saung (home) grew out of the soil it was built on using materials from our garden and creek, and traditional building techniques. Family and neighbors did the build. We garden without chemicals, reject plastics, recycle, and compost. We eat locally, nourishing our bodies with aromatically tantalizing spiced Sunda cuisine, and heal ourselves from the plant life in our garden. 

Saung Segong travelers: June to August. 

Saung Segong 7 day Family Package: June to August. 

Saung Segong Annual Workshop: July.

Saung Segong is a Keeping Place for sustainable culture. Visiting us is not only an opportunity for some Earthy cyber safety in remote West Java, it contributes to preserving life-sustaining culture by revaluing it in the face of globalization and the nastier bits of our technological age. 

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