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Wild Plum

Wild Plum is exquisitely located in the tiny community of Lorinna, deep in the northern mountainscape of Tasmania. This valley off-the-grid gardeners is dedicated to sustainability and strong community.

A network of forest tracks links a patchwork of organic farms, gardens, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project, a Buddhist retreat center, a community hall, a local food outlet and a pizza oven.

The community trades in Lorins, the local currency, and goodwill feeds a vibrant gift economy. Village folk keep a rich tapestry of cultural life alive including, yoga, aikido, film nights, pizza nights, music and dance events, fundraisers, and a myriad of workshops. The arts are woven into the fabric of weekly life, and muddied people move too and from natural builds.


During the summer months, Lake Cethana doubles as the local swimming hole and the local bathtub, as village bathrooms struggle to keep up with the population boom from incoming woofers and retreat-goers.


Forest walks pattern the valley giving access to Tassie’s unique sub-alpine bush and wildlife, and Cradle Mountain, snow-capped in winter, gazes over this buzz of every day, barefoot and wild, village life — blessing us with her ancient wisdom. Listening to nature here, really listening (nature whispering) is imbued with uncanny direction.


Get in touch for details.

Wild Plum Camp Ground: November to March.

Annual EarthyNest Gathering: February.

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